The Importance of Meatspace

The Importance of Meatspace

Saturday, January 16 9:00-10:05am

D. The Importance of Meatspace: Science Motels, science freelancing and science coworking – Brian Russell and Paweł Szczęsny

Description: Science careers and science workplaces are undergoing dramatic change, driven by internal shifts in the practice of science and external shifts in labor markets and workplace design and management. This session will be split into two sections. The first half will explore the shift from freelance scientists to virtual contract research organization, and explore alternative models for R&D;. The second half will explore possible models for science motels and science coworking, building on the “research cloud” scenario presented in the Institute for the Future’s “Future Knowledge Ecosystems” report, released in 2009 as part of the Research Triangle Park’s 50th anniversary. We will use a group brainstorming process to develop a map of ideas about how freelancer scientists, virtual CROs and flexible lab/workspaces may co-evolve in over the coming decade.


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Q&A;with Brian Russell of Carrboro Creative Coworking – What can Coworking do for Journalism?

Example of a real science hostel: Schloss Dagstuhl – Liebniz-Zentrum fur Informatik