Broader Impact Done Right

Sunday, January 17 – 9-10:05am

D. Broader Impact Done Right – Karen James, Kevin Zelnio, Miriam Goldstein, Jason Robertshaw, Jeff Ives and Beth Beck

Introduction: Often, scientists fulfill their “broader impacts” requirements in mediocre ways that appear to reach a broad audience, but in effect have very little impact. Recent expeditions have used a multifaceted approach to cast as wide a net as possible using established online resources like blogs and microblogs, audio and video podcasts, traditional and new media. These resources are easy to share and spread the mission of the expeditions and the excitement of discovery and the science being done in real time. We will take examples and experiences from the recent SEAPLEX and Darwin and the Adventure expeditions as well as the sustained efforts of NASA and NEAQ. We will explore such questions as “What are the elements of successful short- and long-term online science outreach projects and programs?” and “Does the focus on specific (and often peripheral) debates dominating so much of the science blogosphere attract or disenchant potential readers of/participants in online science?”

Session outline: Starting with a not-to-be-missed movie mash-up of cringeworthy moments in science outreach in film and television, talk show host Jā Ro will interview Jeff, Kevin, Miriam, Karen and Beth to find out what they’ve been up to and to hear about their science outreach ‘wins’ and ‘fails’. Then the audience will be invited to chime in on how we can measure outreach success, expand our audiences, overcome barriers to outreach and list the elements of science outreach ‘done right’. At the end, panelists and audience will make a list of key ingredients for good online science engagement.