NC Blogs

Here is a list of some of the science, nature and medical blogs located in North Carolina. As many of these bloggers will be present at the conference, you can browse their blogs and get to know them in advance:

Science In The Triangle
A Blog Around The Clock
Terra Sigillata Blog
Cognitive Daily
Sex, genes & evolution
Pondering Pikaia
Endless Forms
Southern Fried Science
Skulls in the Stars
Island of Doubt
Watershed Hydrogeology Blog
The Online Laboratory of Kevin Zelnio
Highly Allochthonous
The Other 95%
The Intersection
Deep Sea News
CogSci Librarian
hard science
The Drinking Bird
Bonobo Handshake
Insect Museum
Lemur health & conservation
Scholarly Communications @ Duke
Fishtown University
Wild Muse
Trisha Saha’s blog
ChemSpider Blog
MLS Animal Department Blog